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Hospitalist/Inpatient Program

Our Hospitalist and Inpatient Program helps facilities enhance overall patient care while also removing any potential barriers to emergency room admission. From the minute a patient steps into the hospital to when they leave, this program ensures that the facility provides consistent, full-time care.


Experience and Satisfaction

Patient Experience

More frequent communication from hospitalists to patients and family builds trust and overall satisfaction. ESS has proprietary patient satisfaction measuring tools to collect, manage and analyze ED/inpatient HCAHPS-approved satisfaction scores. Higher acuity patients are better served, as well.

Medical Staff

Staff experiences streamlined and more coordinated care, enhanced communication and improved workflow. Physicians will be more effective in their own practices, no longer needing to worry about poaching of patients, late night/weekend interruptions and enjoy efficient and enhanced patient updates. A better quality of life.

Revenue Cycle

The financial benefits are realized from performance and volume maximization across the board. Increased Admissions, Reduced LOS, utilization management, strong clinical leadership, reporting and technology all work together for a more profitable facility.

Billing and Collections

Electronic billing and receipt posting are utilized for maximization of the Revenue Cycle process.

Technology & Tools

IngeniusMed helps track patients, capture appropriate billing and alerts the physician to important metrics that need to be captured related to specific diagnoses. It also aids in building metrics for quality assurance and utilization.