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Emergency Departments

We Understand ER Department Needs

Emergency departments and surgical clinics require staff, and ESS is here to provide them. For facilities with 300 beds or less, our Emergency Department Program provides and manages physicians and advanced practice providers to bring the best talent to you and keep your department running smoothly


Monitoring Performance

Emergency Staffing Solutions assists hospitals and med-surg centers in creating benchmarking to monitor clinical areas requiring improvement. Each of our partner facilities has assigned account managers for onsite monthly performance reporting and clinical monitoring.
Case Management

ESS provides education for case managers and physicians to improve documentation and assist with getting the patient into the correct disposition status.

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Utilization Management

Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine over-utilization and under-utilization issues. When an issue is identified, our team provides training and tools for resolution and improvement.

Onsite Leadership

Emergency Staffing Solutions identifies a clinician to interact between ESS, physicians and the facility staff. Our liaison will attend facility meetings to stay abreast of day-to-day operations, disseminate information and provide oversight.
Admissions Efficiency

With more efficient processing and capture of patients from the ED along with community outreach, you could see more successful outcomes resolved. Your facility will thrive and reverse an outbound trend of patients to the larger urban facilities.

Clinical Leadership

Emergency Staffing Solutions identifies clinical leaders to liaise between ESS, physicians and facility staff. ESS will identify from its clinical talent pool or from clinical talents already in place to be a liaison between ESS, physicians and the facility staff. This medical director will attend staff and departmental meeting to stay abreast, disseminate information and provide oversite recommendations.

Emergency Department Throughput

ESS performs frequent chart audits to ensure all appropriate admissions are captured and that all patients are in the correct status which will maximize ED throughput. Our combination of performance tools and customer experience modifications will lead to lower LWBS and AMA.
Costly Admissions

The problem we face today is that approximately 60% of admissions from the emergency department occur after traditional business hours when most hospitals do not have case management services to assist with the level of care decisions. the risk of getting it wrong can be costly. CMS estimates $5.7 billion in improper payments related to admissions.

Admission Review

ESS offers admission reviews 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Not only does this ensure proper admissions and categorization of patients, but this will also save the case manager substantial time when attempting to manage errors that occurred overnight or over the weekend. These solutions are very beneficial to our facilities.

Patient Satisfaction

Our proprietary patient satisfaction measuring tools are used to collect, manage and analyze emergency department and inpatient HCAHPS-approved satisfaction scores. Our physicians are trained and encouraged to provide more frequent communication with patients and family for quicker updates.