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About Us

Emergency Staffing Services works with hospitals to improve patient satisfaction by managing and staffing quality physicians. Additionally, we provide on-site training to emergency department clinicians, hospitalists, physicians, and staff on topics such as risk management and customer service.

Our goal is to work closely with a facility to evaluate their needs and manage the staffing services and training to improve emergency room revenue, productivity, and patient satisfaction

What We Offer

ESS is a growing organization. Our ability to provide partner facilities and physicians with immediate attention and prompt response is a direct reflection of our outstanding management team. We bring the talent, knowledge and resources of a larger organization to communities that often struggle to attract or retain doctors.

  • Emergency Department Programs
  • Hybrid Programs
  • Physician and Staff Training
  • Clinical Leadership and Support
  • Patient Experience
  • Hospitalist and inpatient Programs
  • Patient Billing Services
  • Case Management Services
  • Analytics, Reporting, and Physician Feedback

The ESS Difference

As more than just a staffing company, ESS sets itself apart from other companies by offering emergency department management and hospitalist program management. We work hard to forge a partnership that is with you for every step.

ESS management consists of:
  • identifying and recruiting stable, full-time physicians
  • completing thorough credentialing on the recruits
  • responsive management
  • effective physician training

Over Two
Decades of

Emergency Staffing Solutions has provided customized management and staffing for emergency departments and hospitalist programs since 2001. That is over two decades of experience managing and staffing for hospitals all around the country, and this experience is evident in our approach and partner facility satisfaction.

The ESS difference lies in the value-added services we offer to our partner hospitals.

Specialized Services

ESS specializes in working with low- and mid-volume facilities in rural and suburban settings. By focusing on facilities with 300 beds or less, we have been able to fine-tune our techniques to best meet the needs of these facilities. Different facility sizes require different needs, and we acknowledge that by focusing on a specific size range.

Value-Added Services

  • appropriate disposition training
  • performance improvement
  • patient experience
  • admission maximization
  • marketing programs
  • community perception
  • needs surveying
  • case management
  • utilization management


One-size-fits-all does not apply to hospital and facility needs, which is why our focus is on customizable services that focus on the specific needs of each facility.

No two hospitals that we work with follow the same program, but all our partner facilities see results.

Our Team

Our experienced staff works closely with all our client hospitals, local primary care physicians, and inpatient and ED physicians to maximize appropriate admissions within a facility.

Through ongoing physician training and on-site training for emergency department clinicians, hospitalists, physicians, and staff on risk management and customer service, we work closely with your facility to curate a customized program that meets your facility’s specific needs and improves patient satisfaction.