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Emergency Staffing Solutions Training
We differentiate ourselves by truly partnering with facilities.

Providing clinically-sound physicians in a stable schedule is a given. ESS seeks and nurtures clinicians with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. Our programs go even further with responsive management, effective training and value-added services aimed at capturing revenue, improving satisfaction and growing your patient volumes. Some added benefits/services we bring are:

  • Appropriate disposition tools & training
  • Performance improvement training
  • Patient satisfaction tools & training
  • Admission maximization tools & training
  • Case management training
  • Utilization management
  • Marketing & volume-building support
  • Community perception support

ESS is a smaller management group providing services on a national level. Our experienced staff has the ability to focus on each facility’s specific needs. There’s no “one size fits all” mentality. ESS customizes programs to meet the specific needs of the community and the administration. This model promotes growth, enhanced quality of service, trust, and success for our partner facilities.

ESS works with the hospital to improve patient satisfaction through on-going training of its physicians. ESS will provide on-site training to Emergency Department and Hospitalist physicians and staff on risk management and customer service. ESS will support hospital’s efforts in collection of indicator data for quality and process improvement. ESS has protocols that it will supply for admission standards from the Emergency Department. In concert with the hospital, ESS’ Director of Performance Improvement will help implement HCAHPS, reducing patient wait times and operational turn-around times, reducing patients leaving against medical advice or leaving without being seen. ESS will work together to assure all appropriate admissions from the Emergency Department are processed and admitted timely to the facilities. ESS also provides are physicians with many pocket cards to assist them with things such as 24 hour observation, Core Measures, PQRS, and documentation.