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emergency hospital staffing clinicians
At Emergency Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on matching quality physicians with complimentary opportunities at over 50 facilities across thirteen states. We primarily service rural hospitals of 150 beds or less, and also, surgical centers in rural/metro environments. We are unique in the exceptional service our credentialers and schedulers provide. Our salaries are competitive with additional performance and satisfaction-driven incentives. ESS has hybrid & hospitalist programs available too.

Performance & Quality

ESS assists hospitals to set up benchmarking and monitor clinical areas requiring improvement. Each of our partners have assigned account managers for onsite monthly benchmarking and clinical monitoring.

Admission Maximization

ESS performs frequent chart audits to ensure all appropriate admissions are captured and that all patients are in the correct status; maximizing ED throughput.

Case Management

ESS provides education for case managers and physicians to improve documentation and assist with getting the patient into the correct disposition status.

Utilization Management

Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine over/under utilization issues. If an issue is identified, we provide training and tools for resolution and improvement.

Onsite & Corporate Physician Leadership

ESS will identify from its clinical talent pool, or from clinical talents already in place to be a liaison between ESS, physicians and the facility staff. They will attend staff and departmental meeting to stay abreast, disseminate information and provide oversight.

Patient Satisfaction

More frequent communication from physicians to patients and family builds trust and overall satisfaction. ESS, and partner facilities, appreciate the importance of Patient Satisfaction and we use proprietary patient satisfaction measuring tools to collect, manage and analyze ED/inpatient HCAHPS-approved satisfaction scores.

Training & Education

ESS’ Physician leadership and training specialists participate in web training programs and have access to an extensive library of educational tools to assist physicians and hospital staff on subjects including: Risk Management, Compliance, Documentation, Observation vs. Inpatient status, Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction. Our physicians are additionally trained to be in compliance with Core Measures, EMTALA and HIPAA guidelines.

Prior to a first shift in a facility, physicians are oriented about facility-specific policies, general information and ancillary/specialty services.

ESS Program Types

Emergency Departments

ESS manages and provides physician and mid-level staffing for Emergency Departments and Surgical Clinics of facilities with 200 beds or less.

Hospitalist Program

ESS manages and provides physician and/or mid-level Inpatient/Hospitalist support for facilities of 200 beds or less. Our program is designed to maximize admissions, improve utilization and patient satisfaction. In addition to excellent clinical skills, our physicians are chosen for superior bedside manner and communication skills.

ED/Inpatient Hybrid Program

As stated in it’s title, this is a popular and cost-effective way for lower-volume facilities to provide continuity of care for patients and to maximize admissions.
Physician Leadership Opportunities – ESS is always seeking local, regional and corporate-level clinical  leadership to support on-site clinicians and facilities, provide knowledge and support for network-wide
communications, PR and marketing efforts.


Competitive Rates

ESS constantly surveys and monitors its facility markets to align and excel in physician rates.

Incentive Pay

ESS understands that sometimes it takes additional motivation to change or improve practices or trends in a given situations. We actively use incentives for this and to compensate for additional or infrequent responsibilities.

Referral Bonuses

ESS pays $1000 for full-time and $500 for part-time physicians. We pay quick!… on the paycheck following the referee’s first shift.

Facility Locations

ESS is currently working with over 50 facilities across thirteen states. We are constantly growing with needs in these and more states. We will fund and manage licensing of ESS partner physicians interested in working at ESS facilities in multiple states.