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Emergency Staffing Solutions

There’s an increased need for qualified and experienced physicians amid the growing population and the increasing demand for quality health care services. Emergency Staffing Solutions understands the challenges encountered by medical facilities across the United States, and provides effective solutions to address them. We offer a range of services to meet the specific emergency staffing and management needs of your hospital.

Do you need new doctors to accommodate your growing admission rate? Perhaps you want to improve your medical team’s knowledge and skills, so you can provide better service to patients. ESS provides training and other customized emergency staffing programs to help your organization succeed. Learn about our solutions today.

Our Programs
We offer 4 types of programs

ER Department

At ESS, we believe that high-quality clinical practice and attention to customer service are critical to ensuring excellence in your emergency department. We are in the business of ED management – not just staffing...


A strong inpatient program is key to maximizing and removing potential barriers to admissions from the ER, and enhancing overall patient care and experience. HCC’s inpatient program was born from a desire for consistent...


Our hybrid program enables lower volume facilities to afford Hospitalist programs. The goal of this program is to appropriately train the ER physician to be utilized as an inpatient manager during off-peak ED hours...


Having integrated providers (ESS & HCC) managing both the Emergency Department and hospitalist/Inpatient programs makes practical sense. All ESS’ programs are designed to seamlessly provide cost-effective...

physicians at work

& Quality

Focusing on each facility's specific needs.

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hospital admission


Improving patient satisfaction through on-going training of physicians.

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emergency hospital staffing

& Satisfaction

Identifying and recruiting stable, full-time physicians.

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Clinician Placement

At Emergency Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on matching quality physicians with complimentary opportunities at over 50 facilities across thirteen states.


Physician scheduling is a great source of stress for many medical facilities. Each ESS-managed facility has a dedicated scheduler(s) to house and manage schedules.


In addition to attracting physicians to your program, ESS marketing offers many services to help build volume, improve community perception and grow your market share.


Whether a clinician, hospital staff, or facility administrator, you're only a phone call away from appropriate and enabled assistance any time of the day or night.


Before working their first shift at your facility, doctors are required to participate in an orientation presentation introducing ESS and your facility.


Our hybrid program enables lower volume facilities to afford Hospitalist programs. It significantly reduces the financial burden on the hospital.

What Our Clients Say

The Emergency Department Medical Staff proves to be very professional, capable, ethical and easy to work with in their roles. Management staff of ESS have worked diligently with us to improve quality care and patient satisfaction in our Emergency Department.

Sincerely, Phillip K Gilmore FACHE, CEO

Ashley County Medical Center - Crossett AR

Since the new partnership with Emergency Staffing Solutions, several of our community members have reached out to acknowledge the difference that ESS' presence has made. We have heard time and time again that the patients have noticed a huge shift in the level of service in the Emergency Room. We have nothing but good things to say and are more than pleased with the exceptional level of care that has been provided by Emergency Staffing Solutions' Services.

Sharon Finarelli

Sierra Vista Hospital

The support staff is very accommodating to the hospital’s needs and the needs of our local physicians. Shelley Stewart, Director of Client Relations, is our primary contact and she is a joy to work with. Shelley is quick to help and visits regularly to ensure that ESS is meeting our expectations.

Sincerely, Betsy Briscoe, CEO

Memorial Hospital – Seminole TX

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