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Physician Staffing

Physician Staffing Made Easy

All communities, particularly those in rural and suburban areas, need more doctors to meet the health care needs of residents. Emergency Staffing Solutions maintains a large pool of highly qualified physicians ready for deployment. We specialize in identifying, shortlisting, and referring doctors to medical facilities who need additional staff to sustain their operations and serve more patients. Find out more about our physician staffing services. We understand that finding the right doctor to work in your facility can be a challenge, considering your busy schedule. That is why Emergency Staffing Solutions focuses on physician recruitment.

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Physician Recruitment

Emergency Staffing Solution’s seasoned operations team ensures the availability of candidates suited to the staff, community and clinical requirements of your facility. We use a variety of comprehensive recruitment tools, offer industry-leading compensation and have a strong referral network. ESS is known industry-wide for our dedicated and responsive services to physicians, as well as our partner facilities. This ensures unforeseen scheduling challenges are handled properly and efficiently. ESS maintains, and continuously adds candidates for, a clinician pool of candidates nationwide. With a large and experienced recruiting, credentialing and scheduling team we are well-positioned for locating and enlisting top-notch clinical talent for even the most difficult locations. We have a number of resources available to us to obtain the best clinicians suited for your needs.

  • Physician Referrals
  • Online Job Posting
  • Physician Dinners and Events
  • Postcard Mailings
  • Partnership with Residency Programs
  • Tele-Recruitment
  • Maintains a Familiar Core Physician Group
  • Free State Licensing and Training
  • Nationwide Physician Network
  • Dedicated Recruiting and Credentialing
  • Senior Leadership Support 24/7/365
  • Incentive Promotions

High Standard Recruitment Process

At ESS, we don’t just recruit potential members of your team; we make sure every candidate meets our standards and possesses the qualities you’re looking for. We assess qualifications based on your core values, work ethics and other requirements. A physician’s goals must be aligned with yours to avoid conflicts and other problems in the future. This ensures proper job matching and helps establish a long-term staffing solution. We look for qualified applicants from across the country and match them with the opportunities offered by our partner facilities. That means you can focus on managing your hospital while we handle the recruitment and staffing work. Our extensive network and partnerships enable us to source top-notch clinical talents that will add value to your organization.

We follow these steps when recruiting physicians:

  • Step 1. Search for Potential Candidates within Your Organization
  • Step 2. Search the Local Job Market, then expand Nationwide
  • Step 3. Shortlist Candidates
  • Step 4. Prescreening
  • Step 5. Interview
  • Step 6. Internal ESS Credentialing

We keep records of qualified candidates and look for matching job opportunities in the communities we serve. Maintaining an updated list of physicians across the country allows us to fill spots in a timely and efficient manner.

All Aspects of Recruitment Process

At ESS our recruitment process is thorough with full involvement from our entire team. We often recruit from internally and provide additional training to better utilize staff during non-peak hours. Our search may also include local and nationwide resources. All candidates are pre-screened including peer references and state board inquiries.

The Perfect Match

Our goal is to provide your facility with the right clinician who meets your standards and upholds your ideals. This is important to ensure harmony and efficiency in the workplace. We believe this is key to building a healthy and strong working relationship between the new physicians and your team. Our stringent screening process allows us to deliver highly qualified candidates that will take your facility and patient care services to new heights.

Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t stop once we’ve supplied your facility with stable, full-time physicians. We provide ongoing support to improve your team’s skills and capabilities, and to streamline your operational processes, such as billing, marketing, admission, data gathering and payments collection. Our programs and services will help your facility stay on the right path to success. Our ability to work closely with partners sets us apart from other physician staffing companies in the country.

We provide training on risk management and customer service, so your Emergency Department (ED) and Hospitalist physicians can provide better patient care. Performance monitoring and improvement are among our main priorities.

Tools and Resources

We have developed a range of tools to help physicians become more productive and efficient. These include pocket reference cards that make admission and observation easier. Other than high-quality training programs, we provide physician feedback reports, H&P and DC summaries, patient feedback surveys, core measures and PQRS. With our information resource, the records and latest news or updates are within reach.

Great Opportunities for Physicians and Facilities

Both clinicians and medical facilities will benefit from our ED staffing and management solutions. Doctors who are looking for a part-time or full-time job opportunity may come to us, or we’ll find and contact them. Emergency departments who need additional physicians to fill available posts will find our staffing services really helpful. Read the testimonials for an idea what it’s like to work with Emergency Staffing Solutions. Better yet, ask our existing partner physicians and facilities anything about us and the services we provide.

Let’s Build a Long-Term Partnership

Do you have the qualifications to work in a demanding clinical environment? Maybe you know a doctor who’s looking for a stable job. Do you need new members for your ER medical team? You’ve just found the right partner! Contact us today so we can discuss the opportunities available here at Emergency Staffing Solutions.