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ESS: The Best Choice In Emergency Staffing

Emergency Staffing Solutions takes the uncertainty out of matching with a facility. We have matched physicians to over 65 facilities in thirteen states, focusing on rural hospitals and surgical centers.

ESS is proud to be a company that prioritizes training, ensuring that the clinicians we match with a hospital have all the information they need to seamlessly integrate into the new facility while also being well-prepared to improve the patient experience.

For those interested in working at ESS facilities in multiple states, we fund and manage all licensing needs.

ESS assists hospitals to set up benchmarking and monitor clinical areas requiring improvement. Each of our partners has assigned account managers for onsite monthly benchmarking and clinical monitoring.

ESS performs frequent chart audits to ensure all appropriate admissions are captured and that all patients are in the correct status.

Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine over and underutilization issues. If an issue is identified, we provide training and tools for resolution and improvement.


We are always seeking local, regional, and corporate-level clinical leadership to support on-site clinicians and facilities. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in making a difference in healthcare by providing support and knowledge for network-wide communications, public relations, and marketing efforts.

At ESS, we know that healthcare only succeeds when everyone works together as a team, which is why we treat our physician leaders fairly and compensate you adequately for your skills.

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    We know you’re ready to get started. That’s precisely why we have an in-house credentialing team. We are able to get you out in the workforce and ready to go with little wait time.

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    Our workforce shares a unique bond – a tireless work ethic and a true passion to care for others. Our goal is to give every provider an opportunity to provide amazing care in amazing communities. Stop waiting and get started with ESS today.