Physician Supply vs Demand

Adequate medical staffing is increasingly more and more of a challenge. Studies have shown that, by 2025, physician demand will exceed supply by 46,000-90,000. Specifically in the area of emergency medicine, projections show that there will be a shortage of 2,400-20,000 specialists. As hospital administrators strategize to fill these roles, a focus on permanent staffing solutions over locum tenens can increase patient satisfaction and improve the quality of a healthcare facility.

Emergency Staffing Solutions Dallas Texas Why Choosing Permanent Staffing Solutions Over Locum Tenens Is The Best Solution

Why choose permanent staffing

In locum tenens staffing solutions, work is unstable and short-term. With permanent staffing solutions, medical providers feel a sense of stability and ownership. There is an opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with other staff members and patients.

Unique challenges of rural healthcare

Rural hospitals face a unique set of challenges. On average, rural healthcare facilities have a higher patient to nurse ratio and are often the first choice for trauma care. Rural hospitals tend to serve lower-income populations and have fewer resources. In the face of fewer resources and a higher-need population, having a dedicated, stable staff of high-quality healthcare providers is more important than ever.

Improve patient experience

Patient experience is key to the success of a rural hospital. Research has found that an established relationship with a medical provider is a major factor in a patient’s satisfaction with a healthcare facility. Patients don’t want to see a new face at every medical visit. Consistency and stability help patients feel more at ease. Additionally, patients who have better care experiences have improved health outcomes. For example, studies showed that patients who had better experiences at the emergency department following a heart attack had improved outcomes when followed up with a year later. Improved health outcomes are mutually beneficial for the patient, the provider, and the hospital.

Improve employee satisfaction

Studies have shown that temporary employees have lower rates of satisfaction and engagement with work. Permanent staffing solutions over locum tenens can increase employee satisfaction. In healthcare, employee satisfaction directly affects patient satisfaction. Studies have shown that physicians who have job satisfaction offer higher quality patient care and have higher patient satisfaction scores.

High-quality care

As the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve, having a team of committed providers who offer high-quality care is more important than ever. Choosing a management company to discuss specific emergency staffing and management needs is one of the best options a hospital administrator can consider.