The Changing Landscape Of Healthcare

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The landscape of healthcare is ever-changing. In recent years, operational costs have increased in conjunction with a decrease in reimbursement. Because of this, many hospitals struggle to keep costs manageable while still offering high-quality, efficient patient care. More and more, outsourcing in specific departments, such as the emergency department (ED), is an extremely effective solution.

Emergency Staffing Solutions The Benefits Of Outsourcing Emergency Department Management

What departments to outsource

Many hospitals find that outsourcing departments that are essential but non-dependent on long-term patient relationships work exceptionally well. One of these primary areas is the emergency department. Some of the benefits of outsourcing include the expertise of the vendor, decreased strain on other physicians, and cost savings.

Patients are in expert hands

When using a staffing solutions vendor, hospital administration can have peace of mind knowing that these clinicians are experts. Particularly in small hospitals, physicians and clinical staff are often asked to wear many hats. Outsourced emergency department staff focus all time and energy on acute care in the ED.

Increase physician retention

Because physicians in smaller hospitals are often asked to perform in multiple roles, these institutions can experience challenges with physician burnout and retention. For example, primary care physicians in these facilities usually round in the ED after hours. By outsourcing emergency department staff, the strain on these primary care physicians is reduced.

Lower overhead costs

Outsourcing in the emergency department can have a long-term impact on improving revenue. This practice allows hospitals to offer a full range of services without having to employ multiple specialists. This leads to increased quality of care while still decreasing costs.

24/7 case management

In addition to outsourcing the clinical staff in an emergency department, hospitals can also benefit from employing remote case management staff. These telecase management teams ensure that the emergency department is equipped with a point-of-contact in case management 24/7. Telecase management professionals can answer questions and direct patients to the correct departments after hours. This reduces strain on full-time staff and keeps the overhead costs lower.

Better ED management

The popularity of outsourcing has risen in recent years, but many hospitals have been using the practice for years. In one institution, the administration found that the emergency department ran more efficiently through outsourcing. This is because these professionals are specialized in ED management and are focused on ED management as a priority, instead of being part of a management team that has many competing priorities.

Is outsourcing right for you?

Many hospitals can benefit from outsourcing in emergency departments. Benefits can range from lowered costs to higher quality of care and improved physician and employee retention. Start the conversation today regarding outsourced ED management.