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Case Management

Emergency Staffing Solutions Case Management
Part of ESS’ program management, we have an array of services, consultation and on-site or on-line educational training for physicians and case management professionals. Clinical leadership, facility input or a documentation audit may reveal opportunities for improvement at your facility.

Admission Review

  • Remote case management support 24/7 for guideline review for admissions
  • Confirm appropriateness of admissions
  • Capture appropriate admissions
  • Improve level of care determinations

Documentation Support

  • Training physicians on Physician certification
  • Supporting level of care
  • Minimizing RAC vulnerabilities

Policy/Procedure Support

  • Condition Code 44
  • Post-discharge Reviews
  • Physician Certification

RAC Preparedness Audits

Mock RAC audits to determine a facilities vulnerabilities for RAC denials.  Subsequent recommendations for improvement to minimize the potential for denials.

RAC Appeals

  • Complete RAC appeal process management through three levels of appeal.
  • Support the organizations internal RAC appeal process with expert review and letters of support.

Discharge Follow-Up Calls

Phone call follow up for discharged patients to confirm that they have full understanding of their discharge plan to reduce readmissions

*Note: service and/or training costs may not be included within facility contract.