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Emergency Department Staffing

Emergency Department Staffing
At ESS, we believe that high-quality clinical practice and attention to customer service are critical to ensuring excellence in your emergency department. We are in the business of Emergency Department management – not just staffing. Our programs provide a range of added-value services to manage, performance improvement, improve patient satisfaction, and increase ED and inpatient volumes.

Performance & Quality

ESS assists hospitals to set up benchmarking and monitor clinical areas requiring improvement. Each of our partner facilities have assigned account managers for onsite monthly performance reporting and clinical monitoring.

Appropriate Admissions

Case Management – ESS provides education for case managers and physicians to improve documentation and assist with getting the patient into the correct disposition status.
Utilization Management – Our nurse case managers and corporate medical directors review chart samplings to determine over/under utilization issues. If an issue is identified, we provide training and tools for resolution and improvement.

Onsite & Corporate Physician Leadership

ESS will identify from its clinical talent pool, or from clinical talents already in place to be a liaison between ESS, physicians and the facility staff. They will attend staff and departmental meeting to stay abreast, disseminate information and provide oversight.

ED Throughput

ESS performs frequent chart audits to ensure all appropriate admissions are captured and that all patients are in the correct status; maximizing ED throughput. A combination or performance tools, customer service and leads to lower LWBS and AMA.

Patient Satisfaction

ESS has proprietary patient satisfaction measuring tools to collect, manage and analyze ED/inpatient HCAHPS-approved satisfaction scores. Our physicians are trained and encouraged to provide more frequent communication with patients and family.

Training & Education

ESS’ Physician leadership and training specialists participate in web training programs and have access to an extensive library of educational tools to assist physicians and hospital staff on subjects including: Risk Management, Compliance, Documentation, Observation vs. Inpatient status, Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction. Our physicians are additionally trained to be in compliance with Core Measures, EMTALA and HIPAA guidelines.

*Prior to a first shift in a facility, physicians are oriented about facility-specific policies, general information and ancillary/specialty services.


The financial benefits come from performance and volume maximization across the board. Increased Admissions, Reduced LOS, utilization management, strong clinical leadership, reporting and technology all work together for a more profitable facility.

Billing & Collections

Our hybrid program enables lower volume facilities to afford Hospitalist programs. It significantly reduces the financial burden on the hospital.


Our seasoned operations team ensures availability of candidates suited to the staff, community and clinical requirements of your facility. Through comprehensive recruitment tools (phone, web, relationship, direct), industry-leading compensation and a strong referral network, we relieve your ER staffing and scheduling headaches. We are known industry wide for our dedicated and responsive services to physicians, as well as our partner facilities. This ensures unforeseen scheduling challenges are handled properly and efficiently.

  • Nationwide physician network
  • Dedicated recruiter, credential-er & scheduler
  • Comprehensive recruiting tools, incentive programs and credentialing process
  • Maintains a familiar core physician group
  • Senior leadership support 24/7/365
  • Clinically-sound, appropriately-certified candidates with personal & communication skills

Volume Maximization

With more efficient processing and capture of patients from the ED, more community outreach and successful outcomes resolved within the community. Your facility will stem and reverse an outbound trend of patients to the larger urban facilities.

Marketing & Public Relations

Our marketing division is able to help your facility attract new patients. Whether Public Relations, Community Outreach, direct marketing or broadcast media  – ESS is here to help grow your facility’s market share.

Community Perception

Through word-of-mouth, local media and community outreach, we help build and/or repair your name in the community. We conduct perception surveys to learn strengths and weaknesses regarding your facility’s perception. These findings can be leveraged in marketing and PR.