Boost Revenue, Lower Costs


As the demands of the healthcare industry evolve, hospitals need to look for ways to increase revenue and decrease overhead. One strategy to accomplish these goals is to outsource through a staffing solutions company. In particular, outsourcing in the emergency department (ED) is a strategic solution for increasing revenue.

Emergency Staffing Solutions Can Outsourcing Staff In The Emergency Department Increase Hospital Revenue

What areas can be outsourced?

There are some teams in the ED where outsourcing will be most beneficial. For example, hiring outsourced hospitalists can be a gamechanger for reducing strain on primary care providers. Smaller hospitals may opt to outsource front desk staff, especially for particular shifts that are difficult to cover. Still, some healthcare organizations see increased revenue by outsourcing ED management.

Hiring hospitalists

A hospitalist is a physician who is specially trained to care for patients in the hospital. These providers serve as a point-of-contact for patients and families before discharge. Hospitalists help to coordinate care between specialists and keep family members informed. Especially in a hospital where resources are lean, outsourcing hospitalists can help to reduce strain on other providers while increasing patient satisfaction.

How does patient satisfaction help?

As healthcare shifts to a value-based model of reimbursement, a patient’s perception of care is more important than ever. Excellent patient experience scores directly correlate to increased reimbursement and revenue. With the addition of hospitalists, many hospitals also see improvements in quality scores, as communication gaps and physician burnout rates both decrease.

Consider your front desk staff

Emergency departments must have staff 24/7 who can triage patients, collect intake paperwork, and answer questions. However, 24-hour coverage can be costly. In rural areas, especially recruiting and retaining enough staff members can also be challenging. In this area, hospitals may opt to outsource case management teams, either full-time or only during certain hours, such as during the overnight shift. Some companies offer remote case management resources, which keeps costs even more manageable. This helps to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage while keeping overhead low.

Should I outsource management?

Management of an emergency room is not always the first area people consider for outsourcing. However, some institutions have found that the emergency department runs more smoothly with an outsourced management team. Because these professionals can direct sole focus on improving the ED, revenue often increases. Alternatively, traditional management models commonly have a leadership team who is pulled in many different directions and struggles to give adequate attention to any one department.

Explore outsourcing options

Hospitals can consider outsourcing many areas of the ER, or just one. Hiring hospitalists, employing telecase management teams, or outsourcing management are just a few ways that small hospitals can seek to increase revenue. Start the conversation today about how staffing solutions can help.