Our Team

Emergency Staffing Solutions (ESS)

Ron Weiss

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ron has more than 30 years of experience in emergency medicine administration and practice management. He believes the cornerstone of our success is the commitment to quality patient care and professionalism. Ron has constructed an exceptionally strong leadership team to collaborate with hospital clients on key decisions. Ron and his team have provided high-quality care to low and mid-volume emergency rooms across the country since 2001. Ron’s experience extends to Hospitalist medicine where he has been involved with hospitalist practice management for over 20 years in, at the onset of hospitalist care in rural and suburban hospitals. Ron’s primary company objective is to provide our clients and physicians with immediate attention and prompt responses to issues.

ESS - Shonda

Shonda Rupe

Chief Operating Officer

Shonda has been with ESS since its inception in 2001 and has been a key player in the company’s growth and success. Her 20 years of experience in Emergency Department and Hospitalist program management have focused on rural and suburban facilities, including critical access hospitals. Her main goal is working with each client to assess specific needs and to define and coordinate the operational support allocated to that hospital. Shonda oversees all operational departments including recruiting, credentialing, and scheduling and is in constant communication with internal teams and hospital administration to ensure operational synchronization. Shonda continues to function as a site manager for a number of ESS facilities.

Karl Wagenhauser, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Karl Wagenhauser, MD heads the physician leadership team at ESS. As Chief Medical Officer, He conducts peer reviews, develops physician training modules and works with local Medical Directors to provide them with additional resources. Dr. Wagenhauser is Board Certified Emergency Medicine and has extensive experience in Emergency Medicine and a strong background in Emergency Medical Services. He has held numerous leadership positions including the Arkansas Governor’s EMS Advisory Team and is the Medical Director for LifeNet EMS and LifeNet Air.

ESS - Valerie

Valerie Glenn

Chief Administrative Officer

Valerie is well-versed in all national and state credentialing requirements. Valerie has been with ESS since 2009 and she has been fundamental in implementing current operational policies and procedures. Valeries’ intimate knowledge of industry standards combined with a hands-on approach to management always produces physicians who are qualified to each hospital’s specific standards. Fluent in all aspects of Operations, Valerie is ESS’ go-to resource for scheduling and credentialing training issues. Valerie is a site manager for a number of ESS facilities.

Daniel Yactayo

Director of Client Relations

Daniel Yactayo has been a Director of Client Relations for ESS for four years. He brings over a decade of account management, analytical background, and operations management. Daniel is responsible for managing client relationships by providing insight to hospitals’ specific needs and ensuring that those are met in a timely fashion. He is also responsible for day-to-day program management and client correspondence, working closely with the physicians and medical staff at each site to ensure all goals are met and that each program is working at its highest efficiency. His attention is focused on each client to assess specific needs and to define and coordinate the operational support allocated to each individual hospital. Daniel and his clinical team review and coordinate quality and operational issues for each program.