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Sharon Finarelli
Sierra Vista Hospital

“Since the new partnership with Emergency Staffing Solutions, several of our community members have reached out to acknowledge the difference that ESS’ presence has made. We have heard time and time again that the patients have noticed a huge shift in the level of service in the Emergency Room. We have nothing but good things to say and are more than pleased with the exceptional level of care that has been provided by Emergency Staffing Solutions’ Services.”



Scott Street, CEO
Chief Executive Officer Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital

“It is my pleasure to recommend Emergency Staffing Solutions to you. Nacogdoches Memorial Health has worked directly with ESS since November 2014. The company offers qualified physicians who provide excellent service for our community. Specifically working with Alicia Cassidy, Shonda Rupe and Dr. David Ficklen, all who have exceeded any expectations for great service. If any problems come up the team is always ready to help in any way. We have been nothing but pleased with the experience provided by their services.
I am happy to recommend them and continue to look forward to using their services.”



Phillip K Gilmore FACHE, CEO
Ashley County Medical Center –- Crossett AR – | 05.10.2011

“Emergency Staffing Solutions (ESS) has been staffing the Emergency Department of Ashley County Medical Center for several years providing 24 hour, 7 day a week coverage. ESS staff are very responsive to our needs and our requests. The Emergency Department Medical Staff proves to be very professional, capable, ethical and easy to work with in their roles. Management staff of ESS have worked diligently with us to improve quality care and patient satisfaction in our Emergency Department. Quality, timeliness and patient satisfaction are all important factors to consider in providing Emergency Department staffing and I have found ESS working diligently to orient the professional staff to the proper goals. I am pleased to offer my recommendation of ESS for consideration in other hospital Emergency Departments at this time. I welcome any questions about this service provided by ESS by having you contact me at (870) 364-1295.”



Betsy Briscoe, CEO
Memorial Hospital – Seminole TX – | 05.25.2011

“We have worked with Emergency Staffing Solutions since 2005 and we are quite satisfied with the quality of services they provide. The support staff is very accommodating to the hospital’s needs and the needs of our local physicians. Shelley Stewart, Director of Client Relations, is our primary contact and she is a joy to work with. Shelley is quick to help and visits regularly to ensure that ESS is meeting our expectations. Overall, we are very satisfied with ESS and I highly recommend them for your ER staffing needs. If you would like to visit with me personally regarding Emergency Staffing Solutions quality service, feel free to call me at (432) 758-4898.”



Jim Horton RN, BSN, MBA, CEO
Pecos County Memorial Hospital – Fort Stockton TX
– | 05.04.2011

“For the past seven years I have had the opportunity to work with ESS regarding physician coverage in our Emergency Department. My previous six years was in the capacity of Chief Nursing Officer and my last year has been as the Chief Executive Officer. As anyone who works in a rural hospital knows, staffing the ER can be extremely difficult. Fort Stockton is located in far West Texas on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, so you can be assured staffing the hospital here is at least as difficult as anywhere in the country. Ron, Shelley, and their team have done an outstanding job providing us with qualified ER coverage. They have worked with some of our local physicians to provide coverage which provides the doctor with an extra revenue stream and also puts a physician in our ER who really cares about our community and the hospital. They have provided us with qualified ER physicians from outside of Fort Stockton who have also done a very good job for us. While there have been occasional issues with the physicians provided, one call to ESS fixes the problem every time. You will find no better person than Shelley Stewart as you work to find staffing solutions in your ER. I strongly recommend ESS for any hospital seeking ER physician coverage. They have been in the business for a very long time and are extremely good at it. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call me at (432) 336-4201.”



James F Grocholski FACHE, CEO
Memorial Hospital of Texas County –- Guymon OK
– | 06.03.2011

“Memorial Hospital of Texas County engaged the services of Emergency Staffing Solutions November 1, of 2010. The Hospital has used several ER groups in the past including EmCare. Over the years our facility has had to deal with negative public relations because of the performance of the ER physicians. However, since we changed to ESS our community relations have greatly improved and the quality of the physician group is outstanding. I have been contracting for ER physicians for the past 20 years of my career and to date have been extremely impressed with the service provided by ESS. I am pleased with this service and plan to continue using them in my Emergency Room.I would recommend Emergency Staffing Solutions to any hospital or system needing to contract for quality service in their ER without hesitation.”